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About us

CFR, is an international acting engineering company and a well known
provider of several services in acordance with any industrial branches.
Our knowhow covers the Metal Industry, Wood & Fibre Board Industry,
Paper and Textile Industry, Chemical and Petrochemical Industry,
Energie Industry as well as the Industrial Minerals.
Organisation: Limited Company (GmbH)

To guarantee the highest productivity, quality and best efficiency, CFR
applies sustainable and highly sophisticated engineering for industrial
plants. Our customers are well behaved with our after sales service
and out spare part supply. The goal of CFR is to support the customer as a reliable, experienced and creative partner throughout the whole lifecycle of an industrial plant.

Nowerdays words like availability and efficiency are getting more and
more important for industrial plants.
According to this trend, CFR intends to expand and grow very offensive
within this market. Furthermore, it is very important for CFR to intensify
the relationship to existing customers.