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Basic Engineering

Initially it was the Idea!

A brilliant idea and/or a necessity to make a change in the life are the first steps of a project (preliminary project). At this point in most of the cases, it is even not clear if this idea has any future or it is feasible and even it brings desired success. Project studies are the first steps. Along with the feasibility study, the customer gets information whether his investments will bear fruits.

Project studies

Through the project study CFR evaluates in which capacity, with which means and in which time etc. a project could be realised. Moreover, CFR thoroughly checks if there are any discrepancies between the targets of the project based on the information already gathered. In most cases, project study together with the feasibility study is the solid base for a project decision and CFR uses this as a control instrument for the envisaged project.

Calculation of profitability

Through the calculation of profitability and feasibility study the envisaged execution of the project will be demonstrated. Basically, with some key facts any project could be described. Methods of calculation will have to be adapted according to the specific type and branch of the project. Feasibility study is the method mainly used by CFR to establish Calculation of profitability which leads to ROI (Return of Investment). In this process, expected average yearly profit or average yearly costs saving as a result of PLM-Investment (Product Life-cycle Management) in comparison to invested capital during the operating time of the project will be indicated.

Modernisation and optimisation concepts

Modernisation and optimisation go hand in hand with the project studies and CFR demonstrates it also in this typical way. The peculiarity in this case lies in the individuality and complexity of the process flow in conjunction with the area available and layout of the project. These concepts normally have lots of impact on the process sequence and internal structure of the process.

Preliminary project

In the preliminary project, CFR evaluates all relevant information from the former processes (project study, feasibility study, optimisation concept, internal process ideas) and brings them together to prepare first solid process structure. In the phase of preliminary project, the project organisation will be defined, detailed processes will be documented, operational primary works (flow charts, logistic diagrams, single lines, process calculations, preparation of tender documents) will be regulated.

Submission to Government authority

All and any project has to obtain approval of the government authority/authorities. Irrespective of the kind of approval (commercial or water relevant) required for the envisaged project, CFR takes over the responsibility of preparation of such documents for submission to the authorities and supports the customer in getting it approved by providing all necessary technical/commercial explanations.  Approval notification from the authority and fulfilment of all measures indicated therein are the base for detailed project.

Tender and Order Documents

Based on the knowledge of the preliminary project, detailed order documents will be prepared for equipments, components, switch boards, software etc. according to the requirements of the customer. Furthermore, CFR accompanies and advices the customer through the phase of tender, through the phase of offer till the evaluation of the offers and further till the placement of the order.